Friday Night Fights – The Recap

I would like to thank everyone who dropped by for our Friday Night Fights – Custom Map Night last night. It was pure dumb luck that the 1.6 patch came out the same night as our event, but what can you do.
Even so, it was a lot of fun because you made it so. Our next event will be February 27th, 2004. Id like to thank the guys from clan {pdx} for dropping by.

We did notice a lot and I mean a lot of people trying to connect, but getting disconnected. If you installed the 1.6 patch, then that was the problem, but if you had 1.5 and had any problems, please drop by our Technical Support Forums and let us know what happened. We would be happy to help you so the next time you can join us. It will also help us figure out how why this was happening.

Ill give a quick recap of the maps, just click Read More… Anyone that played, leave your comments as well. Argon Forest – This map was small and tight. It was perfect for a small group of about 17 people. A few things stood out on this map. The trench warfare was incredibly fun. Working as a team in the trenches was the only way to make any headway. The planes were out of place on such a small map. Also, the axis side lacking an APC made it much harder to take out the enemy plane. This was a huge disadvantage for the Axis side. The other downside to this map was the lack of spawn points for the captured flags. It really sucked to run from the uncapturable spawn point to the other side of the map, even though it was a small map. Also, a big, big problem was this map didnt count down tickets, even if you owned all four flags. This made the smallest map, also the longest map. Overall, I didnt like this map at first because of the problems, but the last time we played, which also had the most people (around 17) was actually a blast. With some work, this would be a great map.

Valley Of The Shadow – I have already done a review of this map, so I will skip it. I will add one thing though. It was not near as fun this time around.

Battle For Korsun – What can I say about this map, but WOW! It was a beautifully designed map. It had a lot of playability. Even though it was huge map, the main fights took place in the center. It would be a great map to play with 64 people. The only complaint I heard was when one side controlled most of the points, the lack of vehicles for the opposing team made the map a little too big and a little too difficult to play. It reminded me of Battle of Bulge. I love BoB, so that is a good thing. Overall, everyone seemed to enjoy this map.

Hell In The Philippines – I called this map, the baby brother of Invasion of the Philippines. It played just like that. It was a fun map, but I dont think it was a map that I would keep playing. It seemed to lack something. One problem was a lack of flags on the bigger part of the island. It kind of seemed worthless. Also, the flag way out by itself was kind of a pain with only one airfield and a handful of boats. When capturing that point, you were pretty much gaurunteed a boring round trip with no action. Overall, I liked the way this map looked, but it still needs something.

Russian Country – This was another large map. It had a lot of tricky, winding trails that were great fun to play tanks on. I heard a lot of people enjoyed playing this map. My only complaint was the 2 bomb rule on the planes. I know why the developer made it, but I did not like it. After all, we are use to the vehicles working a certain way and when a mapper makes changes, it stops being a map and feels more like a mod. Overall, I had fun on this map and there were some great ground fights with the tanks and foot soldiers. I would deffinately play this again (just fix the bombs, please).

Of course, this is all my personal opinion. We know the map makers worked hard on their maps and we would like to thank them for that effort. We hope they do not take our critique of their work wrong. As fans of BF, we will form an opinion of the maps we play. Thats a part of the game, just dont take it personally.

We would also like to hear your opinion on these maps. What did you think?

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