Further Review of The Custom Maps For FNF

Here is another write up about the maps we are playing this Friday Night from Tman of the PDX clan.

This is going to be a great night!

OK, hopefully most of you know Fields of the Fallen. Its a great mid-sized map, with tons of variety but an infantry map. No armor nor planes. Youve got a cemetary on a hill, a wood processing plant on the river, another flag tucked away in the hills, a church on a hill and best of all no uncapturables.

Next up, another familiar but crazy infantry map, The House of Hellsing This map promises close in fighting on 3 levels in the heart of a city. Stairs, catwalks, and tons of nooks & crannys. Throw in a river, a few boats and tanks that can circle the city and youve got MAYHEM but FUN mayhem!

To give the tank freaks their day, theyve got Battle Mountain back on the menu. Its a circular path with four flags, all capturable. In the middle, is a huge gutten crater with a sole flag. Tanks galore, and narrow streets, with huge cliffs that will crush your tank if you waver from the path.

OK, now with the new maps. Wake a new Day, which is a new twist of Wake Island. The best part of this is that its night, and the stars and moon are out. Creepy. How else has it changed? Well, the allied airbase is an uncapturable this time around, there are bridges connecting the two familiar reefs, and the axis have a uncapturable, but its on the edge of the map, on dry land. Planes will rule as there are plenty to go around. The allied may feel safe with more tanks and an uncapturable, but can they defend against a stealthy axis ready to paradop through the night sky? Well see.

A promising new map, Archaic Animosity is a really BIG map. Imagine if you will a map the size of Gazala, with a feel of Gazala, El Alamein (the germans get a wicked bomber to match the B-17 the allies have), but it also has a phillapines feel, because the map is surrounded by tons of water. And that means patrol boats!

Ok, now for the cream of the crop, the new map Atomm & GRB put together, Ghost Front. Imagine you are in a forest, and when I say forest, I mean a thick, congested forest where you can get lost and sneak around. It has snowed recently, and the thousands of young firs provide a false comfort of home. Youre feeling kind of lazy because just beyond the edge of the forest is no-mans land, where the artillary have levelled all the trees leading up to a river and just beyond in the haze and you can see the german barracks laying below. Youre sitting around a campfire with a cache of health & weapons hidden into a nook into the hill. You feel comfortable.

That, my friend, is about to end!

Youve got 5 flags to defend, and the germans awake on the break of dawn and come rushing over the river. The question is, can you stop them before they get to the forest? Because if you cant, now youve got to worry about the rear 4 flags. And these are classic Stalingrad type of flags, the types of which you have to be almost touching the flagpole to take.

One flag is in the middle of a blasted out crater, that is rimmed and has a trench surrounding it. But there are so many approaches, you will go dizzy trying to defend this.

Further back, you have a farm that overlooks what once was a pastoral village, but now is a skelton. The farm provides little comfort and if the axis capture it, they get tanks, which you the farm wont give up for allied. Once these are taken, youve left with a skeleton of a village with two flags. But youve got two tanks to defend that village with. The question is, can you do it with the germans coming from every direction?

I cant wait to play Ghost Front. This is going to be GREAT!

I implore all of you to join GamersRadio as they host the final BF1942 custom map night. It promises to be a fantastic night!

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