Glad I Dont Live In China

When you think about it, everything in this world is screwed up. I could find something wrong with every game, every company, heck even every part of the government. However, as screwed up as things are in the good ole US of A, I am glad I dont live in China.

Take a look at this quote. It is from an article examining the Financial statement of the company that has licensed World of Warcraft in China.

“The online game industry in China is highly regulated by the Chinese government. Various regulatory authorities of the Chinese central government, such as the State Council, the State Press and Publication Administration, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Public Security, are empowered to issue and implement regulations governing various aspects of the online games industry.“

Come on! Its a freaking game for f#$*s sake. Ministry of Culture? What do a bunch of old bald mao se tung communist bastards know about the youth of their country?

To make matters worse, check out this quote.

“Although private sector Internet service providers currently exist in China, almost all access to the Internet is maintained through state−owned telecommunication operators under the administrative control and regulatory supervision of China’s Ministry of Information Industry. In addition, the national networks in China connect to the Internet through government−controlled international gateways. These government−controlled international gateways are the only channel through which a domestic Chinese user can connect to the international Internet network.”

Does it scare you that these are the same guys who are pushing to get the UN control of the Internet from ICANN? It should.

So where am I going with all this? Hell, I dont even know, but as much as things are screwed up around here, it still looks a lot better than the crap going on the opposite side of the Earth. My only hope is someday, gamers of China will come to power and put an end to this monopolist regimes control of its people. Wouldnt that be a hoot? I can only image explaining to my grandson some day about the fall of communist China being brought about due to the rise of power of gamers.

While Im at it, China Gamers, I love your enthusiasm, but your government sucks.

Free Tibet! Long Live The Republic of Taiwan! YEAH!

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