Goodbye Nashville : Hello Dallas.

I just had to be the first one to break this new feature in.
I think it’s going to be interesting, and hope it does not turn in to a new type of forum.
We fully intend it not to be, but only time and use will tell. Interviewing.
It works both ways.
Had a good talk with a company in Nashville for the last three days, they sounded promising, until I talked with the owner.
What a retard! I get the impression that his people fallow him out of morbid curiosity, only to see what dumb thing he will say or do next.
Or fear, there may not be allot of this type of work and they are stuck with this guy, poor them.

During the conversation, he used numerous colorful meteors for intimate acts between consenting adults, while he was talking about me, to me.
Sweet ole’ me!

Anyway, we want to move to Dallas anyway, and this interview task was to sharpen my interviewing skills for the right company when they come along.
Sad huh?
Get a company all fired up for a new hire, then tell them you just want to be friends and not go out on a permanent basis….

Which brings me to resumes, how are you suppose to condense 18 years of work, 36,000 hours of Monday thru Friday in to 4 concise paragraphs, 2 pages long?

Some day Power Ball and I will meet in the middle, and I won’t need to work, until that day though, I’m working for the man.

|GRB| Duck

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