GRB as part of the Cabal Gaming Cartel

GRB has merged with DC and NC to form Cabal Gaming Cartel!


Big news today, the Gamer Radio Battalion has joined forces with the Dual Clan and Napalm Cowboys to form the Cabal Gaming Cartel.  Being part of the Cartel allows GRB the opportunity to share servers, and players for the purpose of TWL competition.  We will still continue our boards here and continue on as the same lovable clan as usual.  Go visit the new Cartel website here, our buds at the Napalm Cowboys here or the Dual Clan fellas here.

 As always we are looking for members and are searching for COD4 players to compete in TWL with us.  

 One last note, be careful of Sarge, he bites still. Sometimes when he gets really excited about a new vistor, he has been known to piddle himself a little.







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