Great News For SciFi Fans

The Dead Zone returns to USA Network on June 12, paired with new episodes of The 4400, TV Guide Online reported.

Other than the strange schedule the Deadzone keeps, it is a great show. Paired with the 4400, another awesome SciFi show, this will be a great 2 hours of television.

Fans of the Daywalking Vampire will be happy to hear this….

Spike TV says it has ordered a two-hour movie that will act as a pilot for a series based on the Blade movies, with a premiere targeted for early next year, Zap2It reported.

In more interesting SciFi news….

Star Trek: Enterprise producers Brannon Braga and Rick Berman told SCI FI Wire that they understood the recent disparaging comments made by cast members about the final episode, but stood by their execution of the series finale.

I would just like to point out the use of the words execution of the series…. His words, not mine…. Funny how accurate they really are… Thanks for “executing” what could have been a great Star Trek series….

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