Half-Life 2 – Another delay???

Well, GameSpot has an article talking about how Vivendi Universal Games has the right to hold onto the much anticipated Half-Life 2 for another six months.

“Court filings show VU Games has the right to sit on finished Half-Life 2 code for up to six months. Could it be deja vu all over again?”

Could this be yet another addition to the soapopera of Half-Life 2?

Read the full article here: GameSpot – Half-Life 2 held hostage On a personal note…

Come on people! This game was supposed to come out in September of 2003… Do you have to let your personal BS issues interfear with the gamers anymore?

Think about it! Get the game out, make tons of money and make all of us happy.

Get over it and get the game out!

end rant…

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