How To Turn Off Head Bobbing In Quake Wars

As some of you know, I had problems with some games that cause me to get sick playing them. One of the things that makes this worse is Head Bobbing. I found out how to turn Head Bobbing off in Quake Wars and thought I would share.

Look in My Documents.
Open the Quake Wars folder.
Open the folder called base.
Open etqwconfig.cfg with Wordpad.
Change the following settings to 0.000 or 0.0 depending on what is already there.

seta pm_bobroll "0.000"
seta pm_bobpitch "0.000"
seta pm_bobup "0.000"
seta pm_runroll "0.000"
seta pm_runpitch "0.000"
seta pm_runbob "0.0"
seta pm_walkbob "0.0"
seta pm_crouchbob "0.0"

I hope this helps those of you that have problems with Head Bobbing like I do.

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