Huge Update on Upcoming Battlefield Vietnam 1.2 Patch

Ok, Now I am starting to get excited. In September, EA and DICE plan to release the 1.2 patch for Battlefield Vietnam with what at first look appears to be the some great content and features. Among other things this patch will offer:

3 New Maps including one with a true tunnel systems, one with a concrete sewer system, and another that features tanks as the main event. 9 New Armaments including the A1 Skyraider, quad .50 machine gun AA systems, and a CH-47 with a chaingun.

They have also implemented a feature in multiplayer that allows you to color code the people on your buddy list so that you can finally tell your buddies apart on the mini-map. This ought to help especially in organized play.

No word on fixes to any bugs in the game at this point.

To read the full update go here: EA GAMES | Battlefield Vietnam Update

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