Interview with Battlefield 2 Executive Producer Scott Evans

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Question sent in by: MaSaKaRi
Its been mentioned that a player can select different looks for his character, as well as weapons. What does this mean exactly? Will we have a kit system like Battlefield Vietnam, but expanded? Or will a player class be able to fully outfit himself from a list of weapons and clothes (like, choosing from 5 pistols, 6 machine guns, etc, a real list of items)?

Scott Evans: Players will go up in rank from Private through the various military officer ranks. As players do so they will unlock new weapons and equipment which they can outfit their soldier with. Better players will naturally progress more quickly. However, we are changing the scoring system to reward those previously thankless people who role played within their kit. Rewarding engineers who repair vehicles and medics who heal teammates fosters a greater sense of teamwork.

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