Is BF2142 Hard To Say?

Ive been thinking about lately about BF2142. I do that from time to time, but its not what you think. I am not talking about the game. I am talking about the name. You see, BF2142 does not have a good ring to it. Its almost too complicated. Here is how I see it.

First, we had Battlefield 1942. We shortened it to BF42. Easy enough. Then came Battlefield Vietnam. Again, we shortened it to BFV. Smooth and rolls off the tongue. Next, EA released the third game in the Battlefield Franchise, Battlefield 2. (Dont ask) This became BF2. So far, so good. The next game in the series is called Battlefield 2142. So what does it become when abbreviated? BF twenty-one-forty-two. Say that fast 10 times while holding your tongue. Ouch!

I have a proposal. Its quite silly actually, but I think it would give the next game in the Battlefield franchise a nice and easy name. My proposal is to abbreviate the name to BFBJ. I know what you are thinking. It reminds you of a hummer from that hot girl who only wants to be your friend.

How about this? Battlefield BlackJack aka BFBJ aka BF21. I like the name BF BlackJack better than BF21. Then again, Battlefield 2142 is kind of BF2.1. Hey, maybe we should call it BF2.1?

So, which one do you like? BFBJ or BF2.1?

Atomm Nihilo runs and has a Love/Hate relationship with EA and Battlefield that some would say borders on the edge of addiction.

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