Its just a game, is it?!?

Todays online games are intriguing, entertaining and addictive. Sometimes, they even blur the lines between Real Life and “Game Life”. EverQuest and Ultima Online are great examples, with EverQuest showing the most visible signs of addiction. Do a search on Google for Everquest Addiction and you will see it is a huge topic of discussion. Now Electronic Arts (EA) has decided to take real life and game life to the next level….. The game is called Majestic. Most Majestic “games” last two weeks with you as the center of the game. It involves espionage, intrigue and suspense. Just like the movie, “The Game”, which sucked in Michael Douglass character and blurred the line between the “game” and reality, Majestic will invade your privacy and wreck havoc on your life, no matter where, when or what you are doing. They have your phone numbers, your fax number, your email and they know everything about you. Of course, its just a game, isnt it?!? Read the
Complete Story and find out for yourself….

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