Kicking Metal Ass!

Went to a local club tonight to see several local bands.

The line up was as follows:


Manifest Destiny

Purple Overdose


For the most part, it was a great show. Read on if you want the details… Popt was pretty good. Found out latter that the lead singer was sick and one of the guitarists couldnt make the show, yet, I still liked em. Cant wait to see the whole band on full power!

Manifest Destiny came up next. They kicked Heavy Metal ASS! You guys are not paying attention. Check out the band and the new album at Go to their website and pick up a copy of the new album. What the hell are you waiting for? GO! GO! GO!

Purple Overdose – Hmmmm…… My momma always taught me that if you cant say something nice, dont say anything at all. Well, like you, I dont always listen to my momma. They deffinately were not what I expected them to be. The guitar player was pretty good, even if he was a fruit in a fake white fur coat wearing white pants. Yea, I know, its a concert and not a fashion show. Tell it to these guys. I wanted to like their show, but the Beatles overkill really did me in. Maybe next time we will get more original music.

The final act was Element. They are an up and coming band from Oklahoma City (Remember that!). They started off their show with a hell of a rendition of Pink Floyds Another Brick in the Wall. I really didnt expect to hear that song from this band. They did a really good job. The original stuff was not bad either. Somewhere between metal and hybrid rap (Limp, Linkin, etc). By the time they took the stage, I was getting kind of wore out (Fat? Lazy? Old? Guilty!). I stayed for about 4 songs total before leaving. It was not that they were bad, but I just wasnt in the right frame of mind after Purple Overdose to pay much attention. So, rather than getting turned off, I decided to leave and come back another day. Until then, Ill keep trying to get a copy of their new album and put some tracks on the braodcast when it returns!


P.S. Yes, I am a little biased towards Manifest Destiny. I have the album and have listened to it a 100 times. I cant help it. No one said the music industry was fair. Hey! Wait?!? What the hell are you still doing here. GO! GO! GO! to their website!

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