Local Music is still alive!

Saturday night was a good night for local music, and a bad night for local musicians. The line up included Local Artists Social Breakdown, Knucklewhite and Manifest Destiny, along with Abrupt/Universal Records Artists, Speak No Evil.

Click Read More for the full story… The show started with Social Breakdown. They may have been the most fortunate of all the bands because the place we went to is a Japanese Restaurant/Club and there were quite a few people left from the end of the dinner crowd. Social Distortion was a good band, with good musicians. A blown amp created a lot of distortion on the lead guitarist, but hey, this is rock and roll, what is a little distortion.

The next band up was Knucklewhite. They also benefited from the late dinner crowd and played to about as many people as Social Distortion. Unfortunately, by the end of their performance, the Samauri had thinned out.

Its not often that the “Headliner” plays to less people than the opening acts, but this was the case with Speak No Evil. Unfortunately, things really got bleak by the time they took the stage. This did not stop SNE from turning out some tight guitar driven rock. They put out a good show and had some fun along the way. The guitar work from SNE was incredible and you could definitely tell they had better equipment based on the louder/cleaner sound they had compared to the previous bands. If you get a chance to see this guys, do so. They put on a good show and were not afraid to show support for the other local bands playing.

By the time Manifest Destiny took the stage, the audience had thinned out to a few people and the other bands. Such is the way with the local music scene around here. Since it was late, they kept their set short and did their best to entertain those that were left.

Overall, it was another typical night in the local music scene. The four bands did a great job and very few people actually had the opportunity to see them play. I hope things change, because one day, I may have to move to another city just to see some great bands.

There is one other thing I want to mention before wrapping up this story. I wanted to give a big shout out to Blake from Knucklewhite and to tell him thanks for the CD. The hardest thing about running an Internet radio station is the cost of bandwidth and music. I know the independent artists have to put their own hard earned money into their albums and I am always grateful when they do not mind giving me a copy to check out.

You can check them out on our Radio Station and put in a request by browsing the playlist. I personally liked Esteem and think you should check it out.

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