Metallica offer fans chance to play bass…

In part of a celebration for the launch of their “new and improved” website, Metallica are giving fans the chance to fill the shoes of Jason Newsted. For at least one night, anyway.

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By signing up for the “Official Metallica Mailing List”, fans will automatically be entered into the “Launch Party 2001” contest.
Drawings will be held on a weekly basis starting Sunday, June 10, 2001 at 12:00 PM (PST) and every Sunday thereafter until Sunday, July 8, 2001 at 12:00 PM (PST).
There will be 2 Grand Prize Winners and 25 First Prize Winners. What will they win? Glad you asked…

Grand Prize Winners

Grand Prize winners (plus one guest each) will receive a weekend trip to San Francisco at the end of July. The Grand Prize winners will be selected in the last two drawings (July 1st and July 8th).

The winners will fly into San Francisco on Saturday, July 28th and return home on Monday, July 30th.

The grand prize package will include airfare, airport transfers, and hotel accommodations (double occupancy).

On the afternoon of the Launch Party (July 29th), the band will take the Grand Prize winners for a personal city tour.

The tour will conclude with dinner and after that everyone will head over to the party.

First Place Winners

First Place winners will receive invitations (plus guest each) to attend the Launch Party.

At this prize level, winners only receive invitations and are responsible for their own transportation to and from San Francisco.

The Party

This exclusive event will be full of entertainment and surprises throughout the evening, plus winners will have the chance to “compete” to be the bass player for one night. If one of the winners should so choose to subject him/herself to humiliation (remember the Gong show?), they could be chosen by THE CROWD to jam with Metallica.

Click HERE to go sign up for the contest.

Good Luck!

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