Mod News Variety Pack

There was a bunch of mod news released this weekend.

First the biggest mod news I have heard in a while: Battlegroup and Frontlines have merged to form a single mod!

The developers of the two leading ww2 mods, Battlegroup and Frontlines, are proud to announce that they are to join together as Battlegroup:Frontlines to create the strongest BF mod ever known. Development of eastern and western fronts will go ahead in parallel, sharing vehicles, player models and statics to produce a bigger and more complete mod than was possible before. The aim of Battlegroup:Frontlines (BGF) is nothing less than to produce the leading ww2 mod on the BF2 engine, offering the best gameplay, the best models and skins, most challenging maps, most realistic sounds and atmospheric music. And of course with an open ear for the concerns amd wishes of the BF2 community. Read the rest here

Next, Silent Heroes has posted a couple of screen shots of very cool looking enhancements that they have made to the undergrowth system in BF2 and a revamp of the GUI that they have done. Read the rest here.

Forgotten Hope has also posted some renders of various vehicles that they are putting together while also announcing that they are releasing a fan map pack for FH1942. Read the rest here.

Finally, Desert Conflict has posted some renders of their new Blackhawk Attack helo Read the rest here.

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