Mom out of touch with reality…

I debated making this the Up Yours Award winner of the week, but due to the serious nature of this topic, I decided against it.

Let me get this out in the open as quickly as possible. The sad truth of this story is suicide sucks and sometimes people commit suicide because they need help.

Take Shawn Woolley, a 21 year-old EverQuest player who committed suicide last November. His mother Elizabeth Woolley is suing Sony Online Entertainment due to his death.
Her goal is to have warning labels placed on copies of the game, despite the fact Shawn had been diagnosed with depression and schizoid personality disorder.

This is part of the problem with parents in this country (America in case you didnt know). They are unable to deal with the real issues their children face and would rather place blame on others.

While I can certainly understand why Elizabeth Woolley is upset by her sons suicide, I can not understand why she feels the need to burden our legal system with such ridiculous requests or try to intimidate other people with unnecessary warnings.

What does she want SOE to say?

Warning: Due to the 1st person perspective and real life 3D modeling of EverQuest, we strongly urge you to play Ultima Online if you are mentally unstable.

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