More Information on Battlefield Vietnam 1.2 Patch

EA posted a community update this afternoon providing more information on the upcoming 1.2 patch which is due out soon. First, the AceGain automatic update utility has been replaced by ByteSwarm LiveUpdate which you can read more about here

In addition to the information released a couple of weeks ago, here are some highlights from the 1.2 Readme noting several community issues DICE has been working to address:

* They have added a Spectator Mode to the Game
* Tank splash damage against light and heavy vehicles now works.
* Minimap sorting order altered so players are visible above the CP flags.
* Performance problems resolved at the temple in HoChiMinh Trail and Cambodian Incursion. This will gain them lots of points from the community
* Repeating napalm sound bug has been resolved. This also will be very popular
* The bug with grenades that goes through bridges has been resolved.
* Parachute not opening properly on first key press.
* Missing icon flashes for radio commands resolved.


* Helicopter pads at main bases will not reload or repair helicopters occupied by enemy players, even after the control point is taken by the enemy. Note that this is determined by the team the player is on, not by the vehicle they are in.
* Mi8 hitpoints reduced from 125 to 100. Rocket reload time increased from 3 to 4.5 seconds.

Full Community Update

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