More proof that Doom 3 is here!

Thats right kiddies!!! There is more proof out there that Doom 3 is right around the corner… Where you ask? Well… has just posted that there WILL be a Doom 3 tourny!!!

DOOM 3 Inaugural Deathmatch Championship:
Yes, you read that correctly. DOOM 3 Deathmatch is coming to QuakeCon 2004, and there has never been a more level playing field. With DOOM 3 launching this summer, there won’t be anyone who has had time to practice or master the game, and almost any QuakeCon attendee has a chance to walk away with one of the exclusive DOOM 3 prizes. We’re not telling you what they are just yet, but let’s just say that they’re fast. Registration for this 128-player tournament will begin August 12, 2004 – the first day of QuakeCon.

You pee your pants yet? I did… I will be at QuakeCon to see this!!! [along with a few other members of Gamers Radio!]

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