Move over Myst…

It is not always easy to tell which games will do well and which games will bomb. If it were, so many companies would not go bankrupt making bad games. What amazes me more than anything is how the stupidest games can do the best. Case in point, The Sims has overtaken Myst to become the best selling PC game of all time with more than 6.3 million copies sold. Myst was fun, for a while, but it was not that memorable. The Sims on the other hand is probably one of the worst games I have ever played. The fact that so many people want to play a game about having a life is a pathetic excuse for a reason why most people exist. At least play something like EverQuest or Neverwinter Nights, a game that does not emulate real life like The Sims, but allows you to image exsisting in a world unlike our own.

To make matters worse, there is going to be an online game based on The Sims. Lets face it, The Sims Online will be the ultimate chat room with a graphical interface, but it will not be a great game. There in lays the ultimate paradox of all. It will cater to the non-gamer; therefore, it will probably become the most popular online game ever. Fairly soon, games as we know it will go the way of every popular entertainment media known to man. Like TV, Radio and even the Internet, games will become a middle of the road product catering to the average shmuck and gamers who truly love games will start looking elsewhere for their fix. Mark my words; The Sims and The Sims Online will mark a dark day in the history of computer gaming….

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