MTV-X replaced by MTV Jams!

Not too many things really, really piss me off. The RIAA pisses me off. Child molesters piss me off. Stupid motherfuckers who have no idea what the conversation is about, but try to join in anyway, piss me off.

Then, there are things that really, really piss me off and at the moment, MTV replacing MTV-X with MTV Jams really, really pisses me off. What the fuck are they doing? I pay $12 a month just to get MTV-X through my local cable provider. Its the only video station worth watching any more. Oh sure, VH-1 has a few cool shows with videos and MTV has Tough Enough2 and The Osbournes, but if you want to see some of the best new up and coming rock artists, you have to watch MTV-X because MTV doesnt play videos and MTV-2 sucks.

If you feel like me and want to let MTV know about it, go to their message boards and tell them what you think.

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