My Thoughts On EAs BF2 Booster Packs

By now, you have heard about the “Booster Packs” EA is releasing in early 2006 for the BF2 game. I have too much free time on my hands this week. During that free time, I have been thinking a lot about this issue. In fact, it has consumed me.

I have a few thoughts on these “Booster Pack”.

1. The term Booster Pack is very telling. A Booster Pack is something you buy with card based games like Pokemon and Magic The Gathering. There are tons more. They appeal to a younger generation than our typical crowd. A Booster Pack gives you a chance to obtain something your opponent does not have. It does not guarantee you anything other than the opportunity to get said reward. I believe it is being used as a marketing term to reach this younger audience because they have been exposed to its marketing for many years.

2. I love custom maps and would love to get more maps, even going as far as paying $10 for a good set of professionally created maps.

3. This is not a map pack. It is an attempt to create a new revenue stream through the MMORPG carrot on the stick syndrome. It is not about maps. It is about weapons and being able to get weapon unlocks that others can not have.

4. EA in their attempts to create additional revenue is actually going to alienate their core audience of players and while these gamers already spent their money on BF2, the backlash will happen down the road. It may not be today or tomorrow, but it is building steam and momentum.

With all of this said, I have reached a turning point. After buying every single BF game and expansion pack, I will not be purchasing the “Booster Packs” or traditional “Expansion Packs” for that matter. In fact, I imagine I will no longer be playing the core game with the exception of Mods.

In the future, I will no longer purchase a DICE made game simply because I think they “are/were” a great company that developed great games. EA has taken the reigns and things are quickly going down hill.

Should DICE develop a new WWII FPS, I will consider purchasing it. However, if said game includes any “Booster Packs”, you can count me out.

Its a shame really. After deep reflection, I feel like I just broke up with a long time girlfriend. Battlefield, its been fun, but I must move on….

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