New ATI Catalyst Drivers:

Released Oct. 14th the newest ATI Catalyst driver 4.10

One of the 3 new feature:
CATALYSTâ„¢ A.I. allows the driver to intelligently analyze applications and textures to maximize graphics performance and enhance stability while delivering the absolute highest visual quality.

As with most CATALYSTâ„¢ releases performance has increased in various situations. The following performance gains are noticed in the game Doom3
Performance improves 5 to 8% on the ATI RADEONâ„¢ 9500 PRO product
Performance improves approximately 5% on the ATI RADEONâ„¢ 9600 XT
Performance improves 5 to 9% on the ATI RADEONâ„¢ 9700 PRO
Performance improves 4 to 6% on the ATI RADEONâ„¢ 9800 PRO
Performance improves approximately 4% on the ATI RADEONâ„¢ 9800 XT when using higher resolutions
Performance improves 3 to 14% on the ATI RADEON X800 PRO
Performance improves 5 to 8% on the ATI RADEONâ„¢ X800 XT
Performance improves approximately 3% on the ATI RADEONâ„¢ X300 product
Performance improves approximately 4.4% on the ATI RADEONâ„¢ X600 product

Click here to view details of this new driver:

ATI Driver page for download:

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