New Music Releases For July …. (yes, I know its late)

Yes, the post is late. You have my permission to hunt me down and beat me like the dawg I am. Anyhow….

Many new releases this month. Including…

Cradle Of Filth

Alice In Chains

Perry Farrell

Old school metal heads will be pleased this month, as there are many releases in this category. Including these two puppies that Ive been waiting for…



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July 2001
Date Artist Title
2nd Evil Incarnate Blackest Hymns Of Gods Disgrace
2nd Mainpoint Heaven/Earth
3rd Cradle Of Filth Bitter Suites To Succubi
3rd Dragonlord Rapture
3rd Pro-Pain Best Of
3rd Testament First Strike Is Deadly
3rd Spike 1000 Waste Of Skin
3rd Y & T Ultimate Collection
10th Slayer God Hates Us All
10th Mortis Secrets Of My Kingdom
10th Jacobs Dream Theater Of War
10th Moke Carnival
10th Motorhead Bite The Bullet
17th VH-1 80s Big Hair Vol. 2
22nd Various Artists Tribute To Jason Becker
24th Alice In Chains Greatest Hits
24th Armored Saint Nod To The Old School
*Pushed back from last month
24th Darwins Waiting Room Orphan
24th Deceased Behind The Mourners Veil
24th Eve To Adam Auburn Slip
24th Simon Says Shut Your Breath
24th Spineshank The Height Of Callousness
24th Cake Comfort Eagle
24th Crematory Remind
24th Pig Destroyer Prowler In The Yard
30th Hypocrisy 10 Years Of Chaos And Confusion
31st Judas Priest Demolition
31st Deicide In Torment In Hell
31st Kreator Violent Revolution
31st Perry Farrell Song Yet To Be Sung
31st Ill Nino Revolution…Revolution

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