New Neverwinter Trailer

Nothing like being a week late. In case you missed it, the official Neverwinter Nights website has a new trailer. Dont scroll past it like I did. It is the link right up top. While I am on the subject of Neverwinter Nights, make sure you check out the latest edition of Computer Games Magazine. You cant miss it. The cover is plastered with Neverwinter Nights. I would go into more detail, but I only read magazines on the pot and my fiber intake hasnt been real good lately. (Just kidding, I left it at work. Nyah!) What I have read has been one of the best detailed articles I have seen on Neverwinter Nights in print or online. It is worth checking out.

If you are a big Dungeons & Dragons fan, you should not miss this months issue. It goes back to the very beginning of AD&D, all the way to present day Dungeons and Dragons. It is hard to believe a computer gaming magazine wrote such a great feature article on D&D and the Grand Father of roleplay, Gary Gygax.

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