New Patch for both BF42 and BFV

EA Released patches for both Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam today to address what is being described as an “undisclosed exploit”. These are must downloads and installs. These are all relatively small files with the largest weighing in at just over 10MB.

Battlefield 1942 1.61b (6.41MB)
Battlefield 1942 Server 1.61b (3.16MB)

Battlefield Vietnam Client 1.21 (10.1MB)

Battlefield Vietnam Server 1.21 (4.07MB)

On the BFV forums at PlanetBattlefield people seem to be having mixed results with the patch including crashes and mass server kicking. One user discovered what is thought to be the exploit in question and it appears to be a server crash/privacy vulnerability. More information can be found here

Ed – After reading more on the PBF forums everyone is having trouble with this one so far. I would hold off on installing it for the moment. – Sarge

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