Nothing In Particular

Sometimes life is really good. For instance, take the other day. I stopped by the Post Office to check my PO Box. Nothing but a bunch of trash. Tear it up and drop it in the trash can. Hey, whats this? Oooohhhh. The latest issue of Stuff Magazine with the WWEs Stacy Keibler on the cover. Hmmmm…. And its not even soiled. Yet….

I jump in my car and turn on the radio. Its my good buddy, The Bladerunner from Rock 100.5, the KATT in Oklahoma City. This is the guy that helped me get my first big break, making me his producer way back in 94. Hes also the same guy who went to bat for me to get a chance to be on air during the weekends. Hes a great guy and very entertaining. So I am listening to him and he plays an interview he did with Gene Simmons of Kiss. He asked Gene what was the greatest present he ever received from a fan. Genes answer? Someones Mom. He goes on to explain it was an 18 year old kid and he brought Gene his mom complete with a Red Bow as a Christmas present. He also mentioned she was very hot. And people wonder why so many teenage boys want to be Rock Stars when they grow up.

Battlefield 2 is right around the corner and we cant wait to play. It will be good to have a new and exciting game to play again. It seems like Battlefield Vietnam just didnt hold the GRBs attention like BF42 did. The Gamers Radio Battalion is looking for more members, so if you are interested in playing BF2 in the TWL or if you like playing custom maps, let us know. Hell, if you just like posting random thoughts to message boards, this is the place for you.

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