Origin Announces Ultima Online: Lord Blackthornes Revenge

Origin recently announced the next add on for Ultima Online, Lord Blackthornes Revenge. According to Origin, you can look for it to be released sometime in early 2002.

I do not know what to say. On one hand I am pissed off because they dropped UO2 and on the other hand I am glad they did not let all of the work go to waste.

I am referering to the work that Todd McFarlane (Creator of Spawn, Duh!) did on the UO2 project. It really looked like it would turn into something incredible. They claim most of this work is unrelated to UO2.

The cool things included in this upgrade include new ridables created by Todd, additional items to create and the creation of a Virtue System.

There is a catch of course. Yes, with Origin/EA (aka The Suits) there is always a catch. The features page prominently displays the addition of a virtue system, while the FAQ page discusses the rollout of a virture system as the story line unfolds. Once again, it sounds like empty promises and marketing spin. I almost fired up my old account (yes I still pay for the damn thing because it was created 2 weeks after the game came out), but I am not sure if this will be worth the $30 upgrade price. After all, what good does the virtue system do if it is not part of the game.

Make up your mind for youself. Visit the Ultima Online: Lord Blackthornes Revenge site yourself, but drop back by and tell us what you think.

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