PBF Interview with Forgotten Hope Mod Team

In the first interesting mod news in a while, PlanetBattlefield has posted an interview that they did with the Forgotten Hope mod team. Contrary to most recent information regarding on going mod development, this interview gets into the dynamics of gameplay and gives us our first indications of how the BF2 engine will be adopted to WWII game play.

Here is an excerpt from the interview posted here

PBF: “What are you going to do with BF 2s Commander Mode? Will it be removed, adapted for a WW II setting, completely changed?”

FH: “FH 2’s command system will be heavily modified from the BF 2 system to better suit FH 2’s gameplay and historical accuracy. New features such as smoke barrages air strikes, and a few others will be added to the commander’s arsenal, as well as a unique “recon system” to provide battlefield intelligence to the command map in place of satellite and UAV scans.”

Forgotten Hope

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