Point of Existence 1.5 Released

Point of Existence .1.5 Released

The POE team has released their newest patch to the ever so popular Point of Existence modification for Battlefield Vietnam.

This update tweaks a few thing and adds quite a few weapons suggested by you, the fan.

Click read more for the updates and head over to their web site to grab the download.

Official PoE Web Site
PlanetBattlefield PoE Mod Web Site Added:


•Sounds – Sounds, Sounds, and more sounds has been added to most of the content in previous versions, thanks to Wookie, our awesome new sound engineer

•New versions of the M4A1; un-scoped, silenced, reflex

•AK-74M – Weve listened to you, and this has been given to the Russians

•XM-109 – Another community suggestion, this experimental 25mm Anti-Material has been added to a spawn able kit for the USA

•AT4 – a new Anti-Tank weapon has been added for the US side, found in a spawn kit

•MP5A4 – a new SMG for the US forces

•RPG-22 – new Anti-Tank weapon for the Russians

•RPG29 – Russian Heavy Anti-Tank weapon found in spawn kit

•Mk23 SOCOM – Silenced handgun for US

•US Player Skins

•Music! – Menu/load music

•Custom Vehicle Icons

•New scope textures on m8, m4a1 and the Sniper Rifles



•T90 vs. M1A2 – the issue with the T90 being more resilient to hits has been resolved, making for more balanced tank combat

•Helicopter Yaw slightly increased

•Plane Acceleration slightly increased

•HeliMGs- Added Splash damage vs. infantry

•Increased Velocity On Airplane/Heli MGs

•Mara – This map has been given a new facelift by GreyJedi

•BFV1.2 maps converted to PoE (Defense_of_Con_Thien, Fall_of_Saigon, Saigon68, and Operation_Cedar_Falls)

•Improved AI

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