Punkbuster Kicking Everyone

Well chalk another one up there for BF2, theyve been hacked, released bad patches, released incomplete server software, lost stats, released a in-game browser that worked less than the one included in the first game first version BUT now punkbuster appears to be kicking all players from server rendering BF2 useless.

I was earlier kicked from our server by punkbuster, but it was odd it kicked everyone on the server at once. It would appear something has gone wrong with punkbuster and now it is kicking everyone. The real question is, DICE/EA is known for releasing software on a Friday afternoon just before quitting time then leaving for the weekend. Will they try to fix this one? Is this a Evenbalance/PB problem? Will they fix it? Who knows. Will I buy another EA game, well I know the answer to that one!!

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