Quake Wars: Enemy Territory Character Class Review

At first, I was not paying attention to the new Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. The initial information I received made it sound cheesy. Having recently received more details, I can honestly say I am excited to see how this game turns out.

It is being developed by the guys who created Enemy Territory for Wolfenstein. Based partially on Quake: Team Fortress and sharing some concepts with Battlefield 2, this game is poised to be a big hit. That is if they can actually pull off everything they are talking about. With vehicles, deployables, artillery calls, objective based large maps, this game looks to combine the tactics I enjoy in Battlefield with a slightly SciFi experience.

For a list of the current classes for both the Global Defense Forces and the Strogg, click Read More… Keep in mind, these classes are subject to change if playtesting determines there is an imbalance in the character classes. It appears they are going for the good old Rock/Scissors/Papers formula that worked so well for Battlefield.

Global Defense Forces (GDF)
Field Ops – Fire Support – Ammo Packs and ability to call in heavy firepower (IE Commander in BF2)
Engineer – Support, Defense – Land Mines and Proximity Traps – Repairs vehicles, objective points, deploy radar and defense turrets.
Soldier – General Assualt – Machine Gun and LAW. Can combine to create a mounted machine gun for other classes to use.
Ranger – Stealth Recon – Sniper Rifle, Smoke Grenades – Uses PDAs to hack and disable enemy deployables.
Medic – Support – Can add scope or grenade launcher to gun. Drops Health Packs and can use defibrillator to revive player.

Tank – Assault – Hyperblaster, Orb Weapon – Remote Controlled drone for limited scouting and support.
Opressor – Fire Support – Lightning Pistol – Controls artillery deployables such as plasma mortar, rail howitzer and orbital attacks. Directs fire against adjacent enemy territory.
Infiltrator – Stealth, Recon – Rail gun, Bioelectric Pinch Bomb – Can attempt to “stroggify” a subdued fallen GDF soldier. He transfers his essence into the captured body and can sneak behind enemy lines. The only way to identify stroggified soldiers is to look for small details like slight cybernetics or battle wounds.
Constructor – Support Defence – Nail Gun, EMP – Constructs and repairs vehicles and objective points. Can deply turrets. Has a tiny sentinet AI controlled repair drone that is linked to him. If they move too far apart, the drone powers down.
Meditek – Support – Siphons Stroyent (Strogg Health) from dead GDF soldiers. Can distribute it to the other Stroggs. Drops Stroyent Packs (health). If the meditek gets ahold of a dead GDF, he can turn it into a spawn host for the next Strogg waiting to spawn.

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