QuakeCon 2004 Doom III tourny info

From the official QuakeCon website.

The NVIDIA DOOM 3 Inaugural Deathmatch Championship will be based on a lottery system for player selection.

When QuakeCon attendees check-in for the event, until 10:00PM CDT on Thursday, August 12th, they will be asked if they would like to participate in the NVIDIA Doom 3 Deathmatch Championship. If the attendee wishes to participate, their name will be added to the lottery database.

At 10:15PM CDT on Thursday, August 12th, QuakeCon Tournament Officials will randomly select 128 names to compete in the tournament, an additional 42 names will be selected in case of no shows for a total of 170 names. The list of competitors will be posted on the QuakeCon intranet site, and will be available in the tournament area.

Again, selection for this tournament is completely random. Anyone who wishes to participate in the tournament must indicate so when they check-in for the event.

This system will ensure that there is no chance to sell tournament spots, or for any one person to have a larger chance of competing than another.

Photo ID will be required at QuakeCon registration, and at the Doom 3 Deathmatch Championship.

If you have any questions, please contact tournaments@quakecon.org

Hope to see you in the tourny!!! 🙂

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