Red vs Blue Season 2!!!

Well it is finally here. Season 2 has started.

Currently I am pulling down the first release to the general public of season 2. Due to the GREAT demand for this file download speeds are pretty slow. The current download speed I am getting is 12.2KB which is normally around 150KB+ so that tells you that the site is getting slammed. If this season is anything like season 1, I cant wait until they get the sponsor site up so I will be able to get the High Res video.

If you have no clue what I am talking about then just click on Read more. What is Red vs Blue? Glad you should ask… Well, it is like, have you ever wondered what your first person shooter guys really think about when you are not around? I mean, just because you are not there you really think the CTF war stops? Well, it doesnt. And the guys over at Red vs Blue has shown us the other side of first person shooters. If anyone has ever played Halo either on PC or Console you will see some familiar things and it will change your outlook on that First Person Shooter forever.

I really hate to give anything else away, but if you must know just think about the Halo guys meets Stripes!! That is all I saying.

Jump on over to Red vs Blue and see what all the fuss is about.

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