Show 33 – Have You Heard of the Nintendo DS?

Hello boys and girls! Its that special time in our lives when we get to welcome a new gaming platform to the fold. What am I talking about you ask. Well, Im talking about the release of the Nintendo DS! Were dedicating this show to what some say will be one of the best portables of all time. Of corse, were still going to inform you about the other major news thats come out the past week as well as entertain you with our off-the-wall discussions.

We start the show off by comparing the DS to some of the other big xmas items of the past. Moving on from there, we get to the news about Half-Life 2 and Gran Turismo 4. Have you heard about the trouble between EA and some of their employees? If not, then youll definitely want to listen to the debate Hoss and Rich have about this somewhat peculiar issue.

After the guys get through discussing the situation at EA, well get to the heart of this weeks show, the Nintendo DS. Segment two starts off with a little history lesson into the world of Nintendo. After our lesson, the guys will tell us what some of the specs and capabilities of the DS are. Well also go through a list of games that you can pickup at the time of the DSs release as well as a couple to come out in the future. After the roll-call of games, well end the segment as Rich tells us about his experience with the demo of Metroid Prime: Hunters.

Now that weve gotten through the bulk of the show, its time to get to the Reviews Of The Week. This week, Hoss tells us about his all-time favorite game character, Kirby, as he reviews Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. Well follow that up with a live in-show review of Are You All That, a DVD interactive game. This weeks jam packed show ends with a bang as we read and answer your emails. Dont miss out on the info and fun!

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