Shrek – Good or Bad?

I do not normally discuss movies on the Gamers Radio Network. After seeing Shrek, I feel I would be doing a grave injustice if I did not tell you about this movie. Shrek is an Computer Animated film produced by Mr. Steven Spielberg’s company, Dreamworks. Mike Meyers does the voice of the lead character, Shrek, an ogre. Eddie Murphy plays Donkey, a side character with some interesting lines. Carmen Diaz plays the voice of the Princess trapped in the tower.

What can I say about Shrek? The graphics were incredible. At times, you forgot it was an animation. The story was familiar, but it seem so much different than the traditional “fairy tale”. There were several stabs at Disney that I thought were great. This movie has a terrific jaded sense of humor that made it very funny and definitely worth seeing. If you dont see Shrek, then you are missing one of the better movies to come out in a long time.

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