Somewhat Random Music Thought of the Day

Walking down the street today I saw that the band “Skamasutra” was going to be playing in my community at some point this summer.

Dont get me wrong, I really enjoy ska music most of the time, but is it some unwritten rule that all ska bands must at least consider having a name with the word “ska” in it somehow?

Why hasnt this trend carried over to other musical forms? Why arent country bands required to have the word “redneck” somewhere in it? or maybe just “red” or “cow” to make it simple for them. Emo bands and bands that have names that sound like novels would have to include the word “whine”, and all of these new bands that sound like they stepped right out of the seventies could include the word “crap”

Just think of how much easier it would be to identify a bands sound without hearing them at all. I would know right away that I didnt really want to hear “Whiny Day Real Estate” or “Alabama Rednecks” or “The Flaming Crap”.

Just a thought that occurred to me this afternoon.

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