Star Wars Battlefront II Open Beta

If you have a FilePlanet account, even the free one, you are now eligible to beta test the new Star Wars Battlefront II game. You may remember the first game. It was the most successful Star Wars game ever sold. However, if you look for any online servers, you will be hard pressed to find one worth playing. You see, the first game played like a console game and the in game browser was the worst I have ever seen in a FPS.

Game companies gage the success of a game based on the number of copies sold. Initial sales were through the roof. Continued sales were terrible. I judge a game on its longevity and ability to endure. This game had neither. You may ask why I am so jaded? Well, I bought it the week it came out for the full price, played it once, then never played it again. It was a terrible game based on an awesome concept. So, if you have any interest in the sequel, I recommend checking out the beta before wasting your money a second time.

Beta Test Website

After you play it, be sure to drop back by and tell us what you think of it. Im curious to hear what others think about the sequel.

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