The Inquirer Recommends Avoiding Bioshock

like the plague and we at Gamers Radio completely agree. We were excited by the originality this game presented, but due to DRM and conflicting reports about a possible Rootkit being installed, we have taken a 180.

From the Inquirer , "The problems stem from SecuROM, a DRM infection of unconscionable proportions, brought to you by the good people of Sony, again. 2KGames took the anti-user step of hurting paying customers with this malware in order to prevent piracy, but if you don't want to end up with a system filled with unremovable malformed registry keys and an uninstallable coaster, your only recourse is to pirate it."

"If the whole screwing of the consumer in this was wasn't evil enough, they managed to lower the standard yet again. SecuROM will hose you if you run AVG antivirus like I do…." and as do I. Since I installed the demo before all of this was brought to the light, I have had a lot of strange problems occur on my system, including AVG. I can not say if they are related, but I do know they didn't start until I installed the demo.

It is a shame that Take2 would do something so irresponsible in a single player game. When will these companies learn the only people they hurt are their customers and their bottom line because of the additional costs involved in supporting the people who bought their game. And for the record, the hacked warez version of Bioshock is already available. Again proving the only thing DRM does is hurt the people who actually pay you. Good going Take2. I will add you to my list of companies to avoid in the future. 

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