The Sims Online – How to sell out completely!

The key word for this story is mainstream boys and girls. Mainstream is bad. It is respresented by the likes of Brittney Spears, NSync, Coke Vs. Pepsi (We all drink Mt. Dew, right?!?!?!) and in this case, boring games.
The Sims Online has announced in game advertisement deals with McDonalds and Intel. In this game, you will be able to buy Intel computers, complete with the Intel sound effect. The higher powered computer you own, the more (get this) “Logic and Fun” ratings you will get. Oh man! This is pathetic

Some lucky consumers (editors note: It all other games, this would be “gamers”, but in this case, the person “playing” the game is not a gamer) will even get to run their own virtual McDonalds.

I can honestly say I am dreading this point in gaming history. I believe it is going to be a major turning point in the Gaming Industry, but I do not think it will benefit true gamers. All I can say is to encourage a boycott of this crappy game. Just remember, Friends dont let friends play The Sims Online.

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