Top 13 Tracks As Of May 22, 2006

# Artist Song Title Album
1 Slipknot Duality Vol 3 (Subliminal Verses)
2 Disturbed Remember Believe
3 Slipknot Duality 9.0: Live [Disc 2]
4 Korn Thoughtless Untouchables
5 Velocity Engine First Time The Healing Pool
6 Disturbed Down With The Sickness The Sickness
7 Disturbed Awaken Believe
8 David Draiman of Disturbed Forsaken Queen Of The Damned
9 Slipknot Vermilion Pt. 2 Vol 3 (Subliminal Verses)
10 Slipknot My Plague (New Abuse Mix) Resident Evil Soundtrack
11 Slipknot Left Behind Iowa
12 Slipknot (SIC) Slipknot
13 Korn Did My Time Take A Look In The Mirror

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