Unofficial MOD adds 30+ hours to BG II

I just found out about a great FREE add on mod for Baldurs Gate II.
The name of the mod is The Darkest Day and you can download it for free or pay $9 and receive a CD copy of the module. If you get the CD, they will throw in an additional mod for BG I, The Dark Side of the Sword Coast for free.

You wont believe all the stuff The Darkest Day has added to Baldurs Gate II.


10 New and Returning (from BG1) NPCs

180+ New Items

170+ New Spells

39+ New Creatures

75 New Kits

40+ Minor Quests

5 Major Quests

1 Mega Quest

Over 30 hours estimated minimum added game play! Get the full scoop and mod download at The TeamBG website.

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