Username Pt. Duex/New Music Additions

Alrighty!!!! The new user sign up works once again. That will teach me to tinker with the database before looking over the code. I undid what I was trying to do and it starting working again. Youve gotta love that.

I added some new tunes recently. Click Read More… to find out about them. I figured, If Im going to talk about A Perfect Circle, then I should play some Perfect Circle. I couldnt pick any singles, so I put the whole album into rotation. I would add the live bootleg stuff Ive collected, but it just doesnt stream very well. I predict their second Album will debut at #1 on Billboard. Yea, Ive heard Maynard say they are thinking about doing another album!!!!!!!! Thats one album I cant wait to own.

I also added The Nixons Halo. I know what you are thinking, “Arent they the band with that crappy Arkansas love ballad about doing your Sister or something?” Yes they are that band, but this is their 2nd Indie Release, only available in the Southwest US. This is the Album that got them the radio exposure that lead to a major record deal and the demise of their heavier edge. I saw them play about 12 times during this album and I can honestly say they kicked some major ass. Hell, Ive purchased this CD three times because someone stole the other two copies. Ive added the whole album, so you may hear some things you havent heard before from The Nixons.

Im ripping Drain STH – Freaks of Nature right now. Im not sure what all I am going to add, but these chicks are awesome. This is their sophomore effort and in my opinion, their best album yet. Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath married one of them. A 50 year old dude, marrying a 25 year old Heavy Metal Hottie. Man, thats rough……. :-p They not only rock, but they are all freaking Hot chicks.

Speaking of Tony Iommi. I have the “Radio Friendly” single of his new single, Goodbye Lament featuring Dave Grohl on vocals. You know your kewl when you play the guitar on all of the songs and its your album and not the guys signing. I may put it into rotation soon. What do you think?

Im, looking at Papa Roach and Staind, but I have no idea what I am going to add to the stream from them. I thought Last Resort, by Papa Roach was a kewl song, but I just cant get into Broken Home or the rest of the Album. As for Staind, Ive added the better stuff from them already, but Im going to give it a spin again to see if anything stands out.

Last, but not least, I added a bunch of songs from The last release by Incubus. The title slips my mind at the moment and Im too lazy to look it up, but it is starting to be one of my favorite albums. You can hear most of it on the stream (when its up, of course….)

As always, I like hearing what you want to hear on the stream. You can sign up for a username and start posting comments to these messages.

Say “Hi!” to your momma and tell her “she still owes me money for the other night.” Hasta….

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