Website Update

Hola! Its been a busy week and I have not had time to post to the website. I wanted to update everyone on what I have managed to finish in the last week. Join The Staff has been updated and most of the open positions currently available are posted. If you have a talent you would like to use to help us out, but you do not see it listed, feel free to email me, Atomm. Im always open to new ideas.

I added a pop-up window to the site. It will show you what is currently playing in a resizable window. It refreshes every two minutes, so you will not have to worry about it bugging you to death. The banners on the site are actually provided by the people who programmed the streaming broadcast program I use. They are not currently charging me, so it is the least I could do to pay them back. The Technical Support section is now up. It is not really much of a technical support section, but it has several different players you can use to listen to us (PC, Mac and Linux). If you follow the steps I have there, you should be able to get online. If that doesnt work, then email me, Atomm, and I will try my best to help you.

I jacked up the Playlist, so until I get some free time, it will appear blank. Its actually turning out to be one of the most complicated pages on the site. I will get it up as soon as possible.

Mega-Links is a fully functional database for links to other websites. It will allow you to see the traffic to you site from ours, as well as allow people to vote on what they think of your site. Just sign up as a registered user and submit your links. Ill check them out and make sure they are in the appropriate area, then you can see how well you are doing.

Last, but not least, the new music. I have a ton of music to add. I still have 25 gigs left to fill up on this hard dirve and probably 35 cds waiting to get ripped. Ill get them added over the course of the next two weeks. I hope you enjoy my eclectic mix of Rock, Rap and Techno.

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