What do you wear?!?

2 out of 30 people said they loved to cheat in BF1942. 1 said they cheated and felt guilty and a whopping 27 out of 30 said they did not like cheaters. It seems people really do not cheat in Battlefield 1942. Either that, or we have a lot of liars visiting Gamers Radio. (SIC) If you havent voted, you can still cast your vote here.

I decided it was time to lighten things up a bit. This poll asks a question most people are afraid to ask, but everyone is curious about. This time around, we want to know how you dress when you are playing Games at your computer. I will even fess up and tell you I play in sweats and a t-shirt, but I have been known to play in my underwear and a t-shirt from time to time. As far as being buck naked, that is something I can say I have never done. So the next time you are fraggin online, or you send a Hail to the guy on the other end of the Internet, you might just wonder….. What are they wearing…..

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