Will Madden fumble this year???

I very seldom play console games anymore; however, when it comes down to sport games, that is the only media to use. I think this has been the first year that I was not waiting for the new version of Madden NFL to hit the shelfs, and after seeing this preview/review I am glad I didnt.

I got stuck watching G4TechTV the other day and saw the new ESPN NFL 2K5… All I can say is OMG!!!!! But to find out what all the buzz is, read the full article at G4TechTVs website.

Here is a snippet….

“The hierarchy of console football is a funny thing. When it comes to PS2 decks humming in the back of a tricked-out Escalade, EAs Madden still kicks all comers. But down on the street level, where the rest of us live, a competitor has been building strength for a run at the title. The ESPN NFL franchise from Visual Concepts is an increasingly impressive contender, and with the field dramatically narrowed (no NFL Fever or NFL GameDay this year) this may be the year for the balance to shift.

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