Win Enemy Territory Quake Wars For Free!

Hey, It's Atomm! 

June 6th, 2006 is QW Day! The day Quake Wars officially hits the stores and we can not wait to get our hands on it. In fact, we are so anxious to get our hands on it, we arranged for 2 Free copies courtesy of Go Gamer! How cool is that? 

We put together a special website just for this promotion. You can visit it at  Read more about Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, sign up for the free drawing and if you are really excited, pick up a copy through our link to Go Gamer. From what we have seen, they have the lowest price available right now, so you might get it before it becomes hard to find! 

And when you win, you can sell it to a buddy and rake him over the coals since every place in town is going to be sold out

Also, Gamers Radio is going to have a Quake Wars server set up and ready on day one of the release. If you want to play on a teamwork oriented, no smacktards allowed server, then drop by and check out our server info, radio stations and free flash arcade games! 

See you on the battlefield!  

Atomm Nihilo
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GR2 – Punk Rock (Real Punk)

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