Your In Our World Now!

Your in our world now! That’s what the ad said. Boy, did they mean it. Their world! They own it! Screw all of you, you stupid, moronic, shameless lemmings! They are and you will be assimilated. Oh wait, the Cyborg race was killed a few months back with the demise of Ultima Worlds Online: Origin. Nevermind! You will be…… Brainwashed? Nah! You will just get screwed again! YEA! That’s the ticket!

Now, where was I? Oh yea…. I started this story to tell you about and some of the “rumors” abound…..
I was surfing the web today and ran across a “Rumor” posted about Electronic Arts and their intention of laying off more workers at Origins. Hmmmm…. I guess they had someone left to let go. What a shame. Now, why would Electronic Arts get rid of the rest of the staff supporting UO? Why would they do something like that? Let’s go find out.

I started digging deeper and found out some more innuendo about EA. It seems they have purchased several other Online Gaming franchises, including (Formerly known as T.E.N. – Home of Dark Sun Online and one kick ass game of TF Quake in the Necropolis (anyone know what I’m talking about?)), Kesmai (Air Warrior III, Legends of Kesmai, etc.) along with playNation. They have also made a run as the exclusive provider of AOL’s games channel.

It gets better. Why settle for one game, when you can charge for access to multiple games for a higher premium, regardless if the player actually wants access to other games. This is the other “Rumor” floating around the web. will include UO as part of their Platinum series and charge $14.99/month or higher. Not only have they dropped, quite possibly one of the best games ever, Ultima Worlds Online: Origin, but now the “Rumor” is they will charge you more to play their older game, Ultima Online. Does that sound like something you want to be a part of? I have been a paying member of Ultima Online since October, 8th, 1997. I think it may be time to move on as I do not want to be a member of Ultima America Online.

All in all, I believe something is rotten in Brittania. I just hope the goliath known as EA does not destroy gaming on the internet by bringing in their aohell marketing, product and service mentality. As long as Bioware holds out, there will be a bastion of hope for us all!

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